samedi 12 novembre 2011

Geogebra 4

GeoGebra 4 est disponible au téléchargement.
  • Création de Gifs animés, export possible sur GeoGebraTube.
  • GeoGebraTube: easily share worksheets online (see "File" menu)
  • GeoGebraPrim: special interface for younger students
  • User interface: drag & drop, style bar, perspectives, accessibility
  • New tools: data analysis, chart dialog, probability calculator, function inspector
  • Copy & Paste, two Graphics views
  • Inequalities and implicit equations
  • Improved text tool, better equation displaying
  • Filling options with hatching and images
  • Animation of points on lines, dynamic limits for sliders & axes
  • Buttons, input boxes, scripting
  • Export to animated GIF
  • 50 languages
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